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. in a move that caught many by surprise, the star wars franchise creator george lucas sold his film for more than $4 billion. what's more, disney announced plans for three more star wars films. it's the superstar relation that has hollywood asking are they or aren't they? chris brown who then beat his girlfriend in 2009 said he has renewed his friendship. but are they more then just friends? >> they want to keep everyone guessing. they don't want to explain to anyone in the world. >> reporter: more turmoil for the jackson family as michael jackson's teenage daughter paris announced an twitter that her grandmother and guardian, kathleen, jackson, was missing. >> she's back home. >> reporter: michael jackson's siblings disputed it saying their mother was resting in arizona. katherine was restored as permanent guardian of michael jackson's children. whether this was a pleasure or guilty plerks audiences couldn't turn away from tlc's hit reality show "honey boo boo." rapper psy went from a relatively unknown performer to a worldwide phenomenon. it became the number one watched video on youtube w
. one big problem, huge downed tree in marin county at lucas valley road, and it is affecting the entire community. tomas roman is live with more on the storm's effects. >> there's a lot of standing water still on a lot of the bay area roads and shallow rooted trees are falling over abuse the ground is so saturated and the hillsides as well. now, pg&e is still working on a tree that fell on a powerline this morning on lucas valley road. >> this tree toppled over on to the powerline in the castro valley at 11:20:00 a.m. pg&e workers who responded to the call suggested lucas valley road be closed incase the high voltage line fell. the chp closed the major artery to all but residents. >> people who live in the area, are definitely affected by this. this is a major artery. to get to 101. >> pg&e crews checked out the line and determined they might have to cut its power so the tree could be cut. the idea of losing power didn't faze the residents we spoke to. >> happens on occasion, big storms and a lot of trees. >> what do you think of this? >> it is what it is. >> the power -- i was out of p
of them come through. the first when i reached out to his robert lucas. robert lucas is a brilliant guy. and he says, you know, i'm not 100% sure i can fill this. i said i better go get myself an insurance policy. cipro should burn a bird and a sense and i said vernon, which read a chapter for us? i pitched the chapter two of and he came back said no. some thinking to myself this is a promising. i may have to go back to the president and say we've got a little ahead sayer. then comes back to me and says come you know, there's a chapter a break to read. not the one you mentioned. i've been studying the housing crisis and have been looking at the great depression to what i find his house in his letter recession except for two. and under the rear session is in decatur in both the coming recession from, severity perception as well as to recovery. the two exceptions to his research. one was shortly after world war ii when it was a very mild recession and the other was in 2001. i said that's interesting. he goes a little further and said the exception of 2001 helped us understand to fascinate
, who along with her son lucas, barely survives the initial wave. maria was badly injured. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: facing unimaginable obstacles, she needs her oldest son to help her and others. >> she was sure that she was going to die. and so it was absolutely vital to her to impart this need to take care of others. >> we are almost there. we have to get to safety. >> we have to help that boy. >> reporter: the tsunami killed more than 200,000 people and left millions homeless. for those of us covering it, it was one of the most horrific scenes we had ever witnessed. the entire neighborhood as far as the eye can see is completely wiped out. to capture the horror of the event, the director didn't rely solely on computerized special effects. instead, building a huge water tank filled with rushing water and debris. >> we were truly in an uncomfortable situation, which was a massive water tank, being thrust one way, water coming this way, water coming behind you, side pumps, debris, garbage, everything thrown at you. >> reporter: the real family the film is based on are from spain. luca
of efforts to fight deflation. for more on the fallout or the impact here, let's talk to luca from asia pacific. you look like you're in mourning here, but it sounds like the bank of japan has delivered pretty much what the market was looking for the. >> yes. it was delivered in order to be seen as losing independence after the campaign, very aggressive campaign from the ldp party on the bank of japan independence. actually, what -- the only policy they didn't really try, according to ldp, was being extremely aggressive, not as -- or much more aggressive than what they've been in the past on the monetary side. not that sure as far as i'm concerned if this is the right approach. so giving more money to the system and washing out the system with more money. but this is what has been decided and probably it's good if you look at the perspective of japanese economy in the next two quarters. >> luca, before we get into those prospects, i want to circle back to those policies. sure cow wa's policy is up sometime next year. and after a political campaign that saw so much receipt rif about cent
and the pops of colors by decorative pillows and access trees. >> hi, i'm joe lucas from lucas studio, and welcome to the formal dining room at the napa valley showhouse. we didn't want a very serious, serious room, but we definitely wanted a little bit of a glamour factor. so we started with darker walls that gives depth to the room, really draws your focus outside to the win re and vineyards. but then we mixed patterns and color. we have a beautiful parquet walnut dining table we had custom made mixed with a playful wicker chair. big piece of modern art on the wall brings in some color. and then over here, we created a small seating area so you can enjoy a glass of wine before din e sit on the comfy couch, big thick nail heads gives a hint towards the more rustic lifestyle in napa. same for the chandelier. overscaled to give the smaller dining room a little bit more of a pop. it's a play on scale, a mix of color, and i think it gives a really nice space to sit and enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the napa lifestyle. >>> hi, my name is melanie with cottington design. we're in the gues
. >> reporter: lucas brown was one of several evacuated. >> how is this affecting your christmas? >> terribly. horrible. >> reporter: he said he spent the night with his eight kids in his car. a block away, things are getting back to normal in the robinson home. they too were evacuated and are thankful their house was not damaged. >> it was like up this high. we were afraid it was going to go in there. but when we got back, there was no water damage to the house. >> reporter: their next-door neighbor, not so lucky. his home is off limits, deemed unsafe after water got inside and affected electrical outlets. of major concern are seepages in the levy. the mayor says they're working on a long-term solution but for now have engineers out here for a quick fix. >> we'll be working all night to raise the level of the levy, reinforce it with sandbags. >> reporter: he plans to appeal to the state for resources. meanwhile, lucas brown has his own appeal, a christmas wish you might say. >> hopefully they'll fix these levies that we don't have to go through this once again. >> reporter: truck loads of sa
to purchase bay area-based lucas film. there's still no word on formal closing dates and neither company has responded to requests for comment. lucas film founder george lucas is to receive about half of the purchase price in cash and half in newly-issued disney shares. he said he plans to donate much of it to charity. >>> wall street is reacting positively to news of a net fliks deal with disney. netflix stock jumped some 14% on word that the los gatos-based company has secured the rights to stream new disney movies shortly after they're out of theaters. that won't happen, however, till 2016. starz currently holds the right under a deal that expires in 2015. >>> a federal judge has refused to block california's ban on gay conversion therapy. the first of its kind law is set to take effect on january 1st. it forbids licensed therapists from trying to change the sexual orientation from minors. it's the second ruling in two days on the law. yesterday another federal judge handed down a somewhat conflicting ruling. he granted a request by two mental health professionals and a former patient to
capabilities, not necessarily the acronym of your branch. we came in with our hf radios and lucas took that information, he understood it and put it on to his ics form. so that's the no. 1 priority that i would say to bring in initially. 2, i would say understand the primary situational awareness. in the military we call it a pay plan or primary alternate. what i would say is understand what your operators want to see as their primary form of communication and command and control. 3, i would say communicate in the clear. and with that what i mean is identify your equipment by capabilities, and also the radios need to be unencrypted single channel and plain text, which is something we don't operate a lot on in the battlefield, but this isn't the battlefield, this is home. so that's a new communication change as we move forward in supporting our civil authorities. >> okay, i understood the question perhaps a little bit different. what would we tell, you know, personnel coming in for another iteration of this drill. and for me, no. 1, is of course military folks do this a lot, is to r
this. >> isn't that great? >> we can go swimming. >> yeah. >> go get it, lucas. lucas! >> the most scary bit for me. >> and the water hit. >> and i came up. and i was on my own. and then i saw the two of you. i didn't feel so scared any more. mommy and lucas are on their own right now. i'm going to keep looking for them. one love ♪ ♪. >> i'm scared. >> one life ♪ ♪ with each other ♪ sisters ♪. >> you're looking for your family? ♪ carry open other ♪ carry each other ♪. >> i look in all the hospitals. i look in all the scholl ters. i will find them, i promise you that. >> rose: joining me now two costars it naomi watts and ewan mcgregor and the director, and maria belon. i'm pleased to have all of them here at this table to talk about this movie which has been getting alot of attention. and i think surprisingly so, even though there is a lot of talent there, because people didn't imagine you could take this stove-- story and do what he has done for it, so congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> rose: how did this come to you am and what made you think this is a mo
could become a fascist force for control. we are. like "star wars" and george lucas. will we follow our heart or follow the base instincts? >> host: think you. >> host: john jackson, jr. professor of africana studies at it ever since pennsylvania and author of "racial paranoia" the unintended consequences of political correctness". dr. jackson talking about "racial paranoia" who is paranoid? >> guest: we're all paranoid when it comes to race. for good reason. one point* that i make as a category itself is about the way we look at social life. some better so paramount we have to be on the lookout at all times. so race itself is about vera and social paranoia. but think about the country like the united states we could have 2 miles -- mottoes. try to build a community but the other is post ratio of the by oppression. don't say a word. that is a very different project but they're both under that umbrella. >> host: go to the second example to ignore or not talk about race. >> it is important not to make a fetish but the danger is to imagine that is not already in the room. so we have to be
past lucas valley road, traffic moving nicely, the rain has let up for the time being. "sig alert" san francisco south 101 before cesar chavez two lanes blocked, lots of flooding north 101 before mckey accident blocking lane,'s bound 980 at 14th -- >>> just about 6:32. our storm watch coverage takes us live to berkeley and amy hollyfield. >> reporter: good morning. feels like the storm cell just sat over us for several hours and is still here it may be easing up a little many take a look at the rain we are expensing now, just -- a solid soaker for a few hours out here in berkeley heavier at times than what seeing now this is still a decent rainfall that you are seeing now. if we are to think of last week as our benchmark, this isn't as bad as that. that was intense this isn't that bad many but, it is very wet out here, definitely a slow down on your way to work morning, a grab the rain jacket morning and boots and umbrella, because it is pretty wet. to keep the whole family dry grab all the rain gear you got and give yourself extra time it is very wet and relentless, hours stead i stea
out of novato beginning to bunch up around highway 37, lucas valley road flowing nicely that's -- past the civic center things pick up into southern marin no delays on golden gate bridge, down to four lanes for your morning commute con ed into san francisco, no problems, fog-free no issues getting through the toll. situation on the skyline boulevard area between john muir and john daly car off the road, tow truck on scene, needing a lot of cable get that car out, injuries involved, chp shutdown southbound skyline boulevard highway 35 until further notice. right now we are just being told major injuries. >>> ahead, update we received overnight on ailing south african leader nelson mandela. >>> what may be behind the decrease in americans drinking milk? Ñ >> mid 50s to low 60s with low 60s mainly east bay and south bay, least affected by the sea breeze kicking in and putting low clouds along the coast the rest of us will see increasing high clouds this afternoon. doppler dry across the state. eureka has a chance of rain by the time the sunsets. fresh powder in the sierra for skiing star
raycauft and lucas ekrode have taken this to heart so we do have a road map for next year. read the after action. no. 2, captain houston mentioned it already, it's think open architecture. i noticed that departures for the military, our communication is encrypted, when you are doing humanitarian assistance or even here on national soil, you need to be able to communicate. so that was a take away, probably unencrypted plain text communication. think open architecture. the last one that i have is definitely familiarize yourself with disca, it's coming to the forefront, communications quite specifically. that means knowing what civilian authorities utilize in terms of frequencies and wave forms and that's not something that we do every day as communicators. so it provides an opportunity for a more well-round ed case and i certainly got into that territory this year. thank you. >> there's definitely 3 things i'm going to hit hard with my relief. first is understand that c2 piece because it is complicated. we don't understand under that structure normally. it's very important that my
released. >> federal antitrust regulators have given the green light for disney to acquire lucas films for $4 billion. the deal for disney to buy lucas' films and the star wars franchise was announced back in october. lucas' films founder george lucas will get half of the purchase price in cash and stock. he says he will donate most of the money to charity. >> ya hoo has purchased another silicon valley startup. on the air which is based in severs his goal is now a part of diablo. the company enables users to hold on-line video chess in a talk-show format ya hoo did not say how much it paid for the service or whether it will continue to operate as is. the deal comes six weeks after yellow acquire mobile startup stamped. >> we will take a break it is for 12:00 a.m. when we come back at 4:15 a.m. we will have a full look of forecast. there is an live look at the bay bridge on westbound 80 you can see light traffic headed towards the toll plaza. a lot of reflections on the ground in the road is a little wet. we will be right back. we're back is 4:15. as promised to hand over to weather wi
101 lucas valley road here you can see traffic flowing lightly to central san rafael, little pooling and flooding towards the cortamadera area coming in this morning be cautious there it is raining and some fog over the wall highway 87 empty, through san jose past hp pavilion light there, not raining yet, definitely smooth ride. serious problem in the oakland area westbound 580 before lake shore injury accident two right lanes blocked, a person is trapped in the car. be forewarned that area could be a little slow. hopefully they will get that person out sail and clear the lanes. dumbarton bridge road -- roadwork, we have a "sig alert" issued by california highway patrol for skyline boulevard with this tree down both lanes cal trains en route. it will be a bit before that is cleared. >>> controversial photo on the front page of the "new york post" is sparking debate about whether it should have been published. the picture was taken moments before a man was hit and killed by a train monday the line reads: this man is about to die. there's criticism about why the photographer didn't put
novato through northern san rafael past lucas valley road, headlights traffic light moving at the limit past freitas parkway past the civic center no issues and no fog through marin clear. macarthur maze points coming from 880, 580 and 80 into the bay bridge toll, everything is flowing nicely through the macarthur maze no issues once you get into the tolls, very light, no problems on the upper deck making your drive into san francisco minor accidents north 101 palo alto at university on-ramp is continues to be blocked with tow truck car into a ditch trying to get the car out eastbound 80 central in richmond area off-ramp blocked with a truck in the process of being cleared. >>> 4:49. the white house says, president obama has called egyptian president morsi to express deep concern about the deaths and injuries of protesters in egypt. large crowds of protesters in cairo expressed anger last night after a nationally televised speech by morsi they say it aftered nothing concrete to defuse the worst political crisis in a up can of years. thousands -- in a couple of years. six people dead, se
's not like they're sloppy researchers. >> how many general rations elapsed? >> between matthew and lucas, for argued and defensible reasons scholars think that matthew and luke were probably written just before the turn of the first century. >> i thought it was closer to 47 years. >> after what? >> after his death. >> well, he died around -- no, mark is the earliest one and mark seems to have been written around the destruction of the temple. >> i guess what she's saying is a lot of this is hand me down, verbal accounts, which of course are subject to considerable alteration in the pass, we certainly know that, correct? >> well, today it certainly is not like the-mile-per-hour dame -- the children's parlor game of telephone where you pass a saying around the circle and by the time it gets to the end it's been corrupted. go back to the historical context, it was a very oral culture. and we're only talking, here, maybe 40 or 50 years. i can certainly remember things 40 years ago. and 30 years ago quite cereal. and something of this monumental importance i probably would remember it quite v
bay to peninsula both directions. south 101 past lucas valley road headlights, light, no fog. roadwork in the southern portion of marin county, north 101 reverse commute direction between sausalito, marin city through mill valley into cortamadera, several lanes blocked massive repaving project today northbound. ramp 280 to southbound 101 in san francisco should be closed for another 10 minutes. big rig hit live power lines in san leandro, fairmont drive avoid that between 580 and lake chabot, take castro valley boulevard to lake chabot to avoid that. >>> today is the final day forbidders interested in taking over what is left of hostess to step forward. so far 160 companies have expressed interest. it had facilities across the country including oakland. hostess used employee pension wages to stay afloat as it sank towards bankruptcy, not clear how much money was taken out. >>> starbucks -- [ unintelligible ] >>> a pacemaker for the brain scie >>> new starbucks card is hot. the card that originally sold for $450 is going for more than $1,000 on ebay. the limited edition comes preloaded
bridge san rafael headlights headed southbound past lucas valley road, ymca towards the civic center, light roadwork waldo grade up and over to the golden gate bridge, down to one lane southbound across the bridge until 5:30. eastbound 4 railroad to somersville left lane blocked roadwork, westbound drive from antioch towards pittsburg at the limit. here's southbound and northbound roadwork through mill valley northbound from sausalito up mill valley cortamadera and that until 6:00 this morning. >>> we are learning more about the medical condition that is keeping former south african president mandela hospitalized. he is suffering from a recovering lung infection. he is responding to treatment. the 94-year-old icon has been in the hospital since saturday. he spent 27 years in prison for fighting racist white rule. he became south africa's first black president in 1994 and served five years. he has since retired from public life. >>> coming up, the search for an ouch-less shot. >>> san jose police roll out new tool against . easy way people can >>> users were unable to access pages yes
the measure quietly announced this on twitter and e-mail after the fact. >>> 7:35. the movie studio lucas film just won an appeal of a discrimination case. a state appeals court overturned an earlier video that said lucas film committed discrimination when it fired a woman after she revealed -- after she revealed she was pregnant. she won $114,000 in damages in 2010. the court said the judge's instructions to the jury in the earlier case was incomplete and incorrect. >>> bell, a stalemate goes on -- well, a stalemate goes on between northern california fishermen and crabbers. later, they will decide whether to accept a $2 fee for the crab. the crabbers want $3. >>> a strike began last wednesday after fish broker made an attempt to -- brokers made an attempt to drop the price of fresh crab. >>> happening now, thousands of protesters are marching on the state capitol in lancing, michigan ahead of a controversial bill that could weaken the power of unions. [chanting] >> this is new video of the protesters this morning. the bill would make it voluntary for workers to join unions. they could not be
worried. he is on patrol in lucas valley where the ground is already saturated. >> mud can become mobile with more water coming down and consequently there will be a mud flow or a mudslide. >> he shows us where recent slides have happened. luckily far away from homes. back in sausalito don is waiting for the rain and the high tides. >> look at december and january, high tides. >> the tide will reach 7 feet at the golden gate bridge and even higher on friday. if you live here you stay home or stay away until the tide goes out. your access is basically cutoff. live in sausalito, abc7 news. >> unnerving thank you. >>> a giant sinkhole that opened during last week's storms in lafayette could be fixed by christmas. the city declared a local emergency and hired an outside construction firm after learning it would take public works crews months to finish repairs. mountain view drive was under mined by a rapidly running creek. the construction firm cc meyers says they will work around the clock until it is fixed. >>> the lights are back on on the bay bridge. it is leaving drivers to navigate in
that has marin county parks ranger rich gibson worried. he is on patrol in lucas valley where the ground is already saturated. >> mud can become mobile with more water coming down and consequently there will be a mud flow or a mudslide. >> he shows us where recent slides have happened. luckily far away from homes. back in sausalito don is waiting for the rain and the high tides. >> look at december and january, high tides. >> the tide will reach 7 feet at the golden gate bridge and even higher on friday. if you live here you stay home or stay away until the tide goes out. your access is basically cutoff. live in sausalito, abc7 news. >> unnerving thank you. >>> a giant sinkhole that opened during last week's storms in lafayette could be fixed by christmas. the city declared a local emergency and hired an outside construction firm after learning it would take public works crews months to finish repairs. mountain view drive was under mined by a rapidly running creek. the construction firm cc meyers says they will work around the clock until it is fixed. >>> the lights are back on on the ba
issues there at all, traffic flowing nicely out of novato through marinwood, terra linda by lucas valley road and freitas parkway, tail lights southbound, no roadwork due to overnight rain, slick road conditions out there san jose north 87 past hp pavilion, no problems, a little farther north when 87 hits 101 reports of injury accident blocking right lane, be aware if you are headed there it is out there. injury accident partially blocking grand avenue on-ramp to eastbound 580 in the clearing stages. eastbound 4 at loveridge, roadwork has right lane shutdown not a full closure, right lane shutdown eastbound at loveridge to somersville. westbound looking good out of antioch towards pittsburg, 12 minute drive into concord from hillcrest. >>> 4:51. >> with we continue to follow breaking news from the -- south bay where a truck plows into an apartment complex. a 3-year-old girl is at the hospital. >>> still tracking the storm sweeping across the bay area. meteorologist lisa argen is next with live before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touc
flat section moving, speeds of past the scene. marin consist south 101 past lucas valley road -- headlights moving southbound at the limit, no problems, a little improvement san mateo bridge with sensors showing 48 miles an hour and yellow, they were red they may be getting that cleared. eastbound and westbound ramp 237 to southbound 880 closed until 6:00 due to roadwork. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is set to testify on capitol hill next thursday on the libyan consulate attack. before that a state department accountability board is set to release their report. the attack killed four, including u.s. ambassador. the board is expected to consider whether enough attention was given to potential threats and how washington responded to security requests. republicans have criticized the obama administration for its flawed early public explanation of the attack. >>> 4:50 two the big change you may hear today -- in the tv commercials you watch. >>> plot to murder justin bieber. why a man you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill i
passing through northbound no delays at this hour through san rafael lucas valley road freitas parkway passing marin ymca traffic light leaving novato headed for central san rafael or southern marin no delays waldo to the golden gate either. out of the central valley good from 205 tracy up and over the altamont no delays towards livermore and pleasanton area. roadwork for a few more minutes until 5:00, 880 both directs one lane between fruitvale and embarcadero. >>> independent investigation into the deadly attack on u.s. consulate in libya will be sent to congress today. the attack in benghazi killed the ambassador stevens and three other americans. the review bore has been looking into whether enough -- given to potential threats and how washington responded. house and senate committees will hold hearings tomorrow and thursday. secretary of state clinton had been expected to testify, but she is recovering from a concussion. >>> con recollection -- congress is debating how much relief money to spend for superstorm sandy. the package involves more than 60 billion dollars in emergency s
tuesday and wednesday. >>> look at san rafael, southbound out of novato past lucas valley road where we have standing water and light traffic at this hour. no delays there, san jose, this is 87 in the northbound direction. you can see it's very light traffic at the julian off-ramp. this is an area that does get flooding when there is heavy rain. we'll keep an eye on the rest of the morning commute. big rig off to the shoulder. that is big rig is on fire so they are getting an extinguisher and tow truck is on the scene. may be slow down westbound 580. and silverado trail, downed power lines. >> duchess of cambridge made her first public appearance. she was a presenter at sports award show in london. duchess seemed composed and comfortable. the are expecting their first child. she was hospitalized for morning sickness a few weeks ago. >>> a funeral is being eld for kate's nurse that was involved with the phone call. she was found dead in a london hospital days after the hoax was made public. family and friends will gather at a church in south india before burying her there. the dj's and r
itself. just south of novato from novato boulevard to lucas valley road, light rain there. from larkspur into sausalito, tiburon and belvedere on paradise drive you can see a little light shower activity, rotating from northwest to southeast. anywhere south of here is going to get showers as we head through the morning and into the afternoon. a little fog half mile in santa rosa, rest of us visibility is fine. today just prepare for scattered showers they could be at any time, light and will move quickly, temperatures top out this had low to mid 50s, showers will taper overnight to our break tomorrow low to mid 50s rain rolls back into the forecast friday, better chance of wet weather saturday. >>> good morning. standing water out in from all the rain, puddling and some high des plainesing expected this morning, light traffic, -- dead week traffic-wise heading into the san francisco area from the bay bridge very light on theyçz' upper deck no delays. this is a live look at the macarthur maze from the east on 580 or the south 880, 80 westbound with all funneling in nicely to the tolls,
side everything looking good, mostly clear upper deck into the city. south 101 past lucas valley road, headlights towards central san rafael, very light out of novato no issues, no fog, no problems on the golden gate. "sig alert" santa cruz mountains near ben lomond highway 9 ben arbor shutdown car hit a free that hit the wires who -- hit a tree that hit the wires. no estimated time of reopening. >>> breaking news in the south bay, firefighters have found a body while responding to an early morning fire in campbell. police and fire are at the scene behind the whole foods market, we are told the fire ed in a detached garage near an apartment complex there. no word on -- details just a body was discovered in that parking structure that burned. we have a news crew heading to the scene. >>> this morning a massive manhunt underway for two men who made a daring escape from a federal lockup in downtown chicago they tied bed sheets together and lowered themselves 20 stories down. they were disever cored missing during an early morning headcount. officials are not sure when the pair escaped. s
north san rafael snaking headlights past lucas valley road north san pedro towards central san rafael light, no problems golden gate bridge as we saw. from antioch at this hour light traffic, no delays as you get towards the concord area and 242, speeds at the limit there as you make your way out of central valley, no problems, tracy from 205 up and over altamont pass into livermore, good speeds into the dublin pleasanton area onlyÑng 18 minutes from altamot into the 680/580 junction. westbound 80 hilltop, big rig partially blocking the right lane. >>> 4:49. russian president vladimir putin just announced in the last hour he will sign a bill banning americans from adopting russian children. he said he doesn't see any reason not to sign the bill. putin says u.s. authorities deny russia access to children adopted from the country. d the law will deny many russian children the opportunity to get a family. unicef estimates there are 740,000 children without parents in russia. >>> do you use those companies that give a cash advance for a paycheck? >> if so, you may be getting some of th
all the way down into areas near san rafael picking up a few scattered showers at times near lucas valley. again you will continue to see this through the morning hours. it will be working its way south throughout the morning drive. so by 6:00, 7:00 it will be over the central bay. and then by 8:00 into 9:00 down into the south bay. in addition to the rain we are watching the winds pick up along with the front. the north bay had the winds quite strong at times in the overnight hours. wind advisory for you has expired. it continues into san francisco. half-moon bay reporting gusts to 35 miles an hour i'm picking up gusts near m.d. m.d -- mt. diablo. also for the sierra are you going to be doing traveling? there is a winter storm warning that moves into place this morning and last until 10:00 on sunday. be prepared for that winter weather there. again mentioned it earlier with the cloud cover overhead we're not as cold. 40s to mid 50s is what we're seeing. a few showers will remain for the afternoon. a cool day in the forecast. we will get breaks in the rain for your afternoon with m
with us. >>> today i'm in the kitchen with chef steve lucas from rosa mexican na. he knows not to show up without his fresh guam molely. i almost eat the whole thing before the show is over. that is good. >> hello j.c. >> how are you doing? this is so good. i love it. but what we are talking about today, i know you are not going to have a hangover, but just in case you do, steve has the perfect menu for a hangover. >> i have a decadent dish that is very simple to make. in fact, you can use some of the tortilla chips that are left over. a really nice brunch dish we are serving at rosa. what i'm going to do is take oil here, by the way, we are serving dinner this evening with live deejays and open bar packages at all three of your rosa's throughout the area. >> one right up the street on south avenue. the second one at penn center i don't and national harbor. >> i have sauteed this let that crisp up. this is a simple dish. i have eggs i have scrambled, just going to add a little bit of cheese to that. >> i love cheese in my scrambled eggs. >> stir this around a little bit. i have two sauces
given the right to buy bay area based lucas film. george lucas is to receive about half of that in cash and the other half in newly issued disney shares. he has said he plans to tea -- plans to donate much of the money to charity. >>> and yahoo has announced a plan to buy on the air. it's not clear if yahoo will continue to use on the air's product or if the company is just scooping up mobile computing specialists. >>> one month after bay area voters went to the polls, more than half a million votes were cast and the measure lost by fewer than 200 votes. the measure would raise the sales tax by a half cent. the money would pay for improvements to roads, freeways and public safety. >>> now to san jose where police are looking for a people who converted a rented home into a marijuana grow operation. officers made the find. >> see, look at this. oh my god. >> reporter: min wynn could not believe his eyes. >> oh my god, my house. >> reporter: when he saw how the inside of the single family home in san jose -- >> see the bedroom over here. >> reporter: had been gutted and convert into a ful
area based lucas film. george lucas is to receive about half of that in cash and the other half in newly issued disney shares. he has said he plans to tea -- plans to donate much of the money to charity. >>> and yahoo has announced a plan to buy on the air. it's not clear if yahoo will continue to use on the air's product or if the company is just scooping up mobile computing specialists. >>> one month after bay area voters went to the polls, more than half a million votes were cast and the measure lost by fewer than 200 votes. the measure would raise the sales tax by a half cent. the money would pay for improvements to roads, freeways and public safety. >>> now to san jose where police are looking for a people who converted a rented home into a marijuana grow operation. officers made the find. >> see, look at this. oh my god. >> reporter: min wynn could not believe his eyes. >> oh my god, my house. >> reporter: when he saw how the inside of the single family home in san jose -- >> see the bedroom over here. >> reporter: had been gutted and convert into a full scale marijuana g
reported in novato and right here this is just south of there lucas valley road area smith ranch road traffic flowing nicely no fog southbound on 101 no delays to the golden gate bridge. san mateo bridge fog-free traffic at the limit past clawiter to the toll flat expect of the span up to the high wise no delays towards foster city and san mateo hit-and-run cleared out of lanes no delays there. you can see westbound commute out of the central valley starting to bunch up. southbound 680 south mission tow truck on scene with accident may have to -- in the fremont area southbound 680 at six more valley road accident blocking left lane there. >>> -- ahead, the new tv show putting silicon valley in the spotlight. >>> motion sickness. in the movies? the explanation from warner brothers after complaints that the hobbit is making >>> 6:25 on this friday morning. afternoon sun and upper 50s to low six where we should be -- 60s where we should be. doppler network nothing showing up in fact high pressure building over the entire state, temperatures mild mid to upper 50s yosemite, fresno, eureka,
. >> you're so cute. another adorable child just entered the room. >> lucas. my name is lucas. >> hi. thanks for joining us today. came with a very special big check tonight. >> indeed. thank you roberta. pleasure to be representing black rock with aaron and regina. we are here to present to the san francisco food bank a check for $25,000. >> whoa. $25,000. we need a round of [applause] for that. leslie, how many people will this feed? >> we will be able to turn that $25,000 into 75,000 meals that will go to people in need right here in our community for the holidays. >> that is wonderful. i hear all the employees of black rock are tremendous volunteers. eyewitness news continues. we'll be right back. >> that's awesome. >> many miles away in home with no one to contact or ask for help. >>> a bay area church group robbed of everything minutes after arriving in florida. how a local sports team came to the rescue. ,, you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit
independent creator, george lucas, sold his company, lucas film to the entertainment empire for more than $4 million. what is more? disney announced the plans for three more star wars films. it is the superstar relationship that has people asking are they or aren't they? chris brown has renewed his friendship with the singer. but is it more than just friends? song tweets from rihanna suggested otherwise. >> they want to keep everybody guessing and don't want to explain it to anyone in the world. >> the jackson family. >> reporter: more turmoil for the jackson family last summer as michael jackson's teenager daughter, paris, announced on twitter that her grandmother was missing, forcing a judge to suspend her guardianship. >> she says she was not kidnapped. >> reporter: michael's siblings were disputing the claim, saying the mother was resting on doctor's orders. >> tearing up my pants, mama. >> reporter: whether it was a pleasure or a guilty pleasure, audiences couldn't turn away from tlc's hit reality show, here comes honey boo boo, about a child and her family. rapper psy had a catchy gang
past lucas valley road, traffic light out of novato towards central san rafael and central marin nice look at san jose northbound highway 87 at the julian exit traffic at the limit as you make your way north towards 101. >>> 5:22. >>> a royal first, the queen did something no monarch has ever done. why top british lawmakers were on their best behavior. >>> what happened when a determined little girl took on a giant toy company. >>> major toy company changing the way it markets a product. hasbro's easy bake oven has been a favorite of american girls for generations until now it was only pink and purple after a 13-year-old girl from new jersey started a petition hasbro agreed to make it in more neutral colors and include boys on the packaging. she said her 4-year-old brother wants to be a chef. hear more from her on "good morning america" at 7 a.m.. >> i think that is great. my kids don't care what color it is, if they like the toy they will use it. >> your kids are enlightened. >> bay area kids. >> if her kids are enlightened and my kids only like to play with the boxes, what does that
. >>> light out there now out of novato southbound 101 past ignacio towards lucas valley road looking good, no delays on golden gate once you get southbound. we have a little brake lights on the flat section of the san mateo bridge at this hour. things pick up as you go to the highrise up and over towards foster city boulevard. east pwaoupb good hayward direction, no delays, "sig alert" ben lomond area glen arbor wires down both directions of high 9 roadwork eastbound 4 until 5:30 westbound at the limit out of antioch towards pittsburg. >>> 5:12. >>> facebook's zuckerberg shares hefty portion of his fortune how it will be used to help people in the bay area. >>> inextra grams, instant retreat, Ñuñúa >>> it is cold out there, frost advisories, freeze warning mike tracking all that as we take a live look at the bay looking from san francisco's sutro tower camera, clear. two cities in the north bay tied for the lowest temperatures. >>> facebook's mark zuckerberg is giving nearly half a billion dollars to a silicon valley charity, 18 million shares of facebook to the silicon valley communi
7 northbound past hp pavilion at julianyjj!ña l 101 out of novato past lucas san rafael, looking good, headlights headed southbound on 101, if you are driving from antioch towards pittsburg into concord not a bad ride, 5:10 on your thursday morning drive under 15 minutes, hillcrest 242 nice. out of the central valley good ride a little minor slowing under 50 five, as you make your way from tracy -- towards the altamont pass less thanu4u 0 minutes to the 580/680 junction. eastbound carquinez bridge three left lanes blocked with roadwork until 8:00 no significant slowing. >>> 5:10. >>> outpouring of support in newtown, connecticut in the wake of the devastating school shooting. why thex& town is asking people to stop sending their condolences. >>> another delay for commercial crab fishermen in mendocino county. find out when they are hoping the season will start. >> first america's money report. >>> good morning. toyota has agreed to one of the largest settlements involving auto defect claims, 1.1 billion dollar deal to settle a class action suit involving complaints vehicles unin
invasion on november 30th. police say that lucas anderson, javier garcia and deanglo austin were arrested. 22-year-old raven dixon was also arrested. police are not released details about what led to the arrest or the relationships between the suspects. three major cities with two days to go oakland is at 130 homicides for the year. 26% increase from 2011. san francisco 67 homicides so far. 1/3 increase over last night. san jose is 45, still low for a city of almost a million people. >>> police are looking for a suspect in an especially brutal robbery in san francisco. the victim was not injured and the thugs only made off with a few dollars. the crime took a nasty turn. >> i heard them say i'm going to kill your dog. >> pekingese, 12 years old, sweetest thing ever. >> she asked not to be named so we won't show her face. this woman was robbed yesterday not only of money but her best friend roxy who she loved most on this everett. -- on this ert. >> she -- earth. >> she lost her phone so he parked her car when a man approached her >> he said give me all your money. >> roxy started barkin
on the entertainment? you can make money without showing blood on the screen. just ask george lucas in "star wars" that has shown a lot of fighting scenes and no need for blood there. what are the policy loopholes? we know on the guns it has to do with the ammunition and the gun show and assault weapons. what about mental health? >> you mean what can be done? right. the application of the background check to more than purchase of a gun at a federal firearms dealer, but at gun shows it is very important. assault weapons are weapons created by the u.s. military for use in war and not by gunmakers for commercial and sports or hunting or target practice and unfortunately they are very widely used. when it comes to mental health, this is complicated and don't consider myself an expert. you have to find a way to create a society in which those closest to people in trouble mentally acknowledge that and are able to get -- i mean parents and family and friends and teachers get the assistance and make sure our insurance system and all the rest will make that possible. on the entertainment culture front, th
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